An open letter to the killers of Charlie Hebdo

Dear terrorists,

I am glad you all decided to go and show your dirty faces in public. Thank you for showing the world how utterly passionate and religious you all are. You decided to scream, “Allahu Akbar” and shoot 12 innocent people in broad day light because they published satirical cartoons on the Muhammad. You proved that you don’t know the first thing about Islam.

Today, Muslims around the world suffer because people like you do not accept that there is something in the world that you can not control – freedom of speech. You can not accept that people have mouths and hands, and they can talk and express. But of course, you can express your thoughts, because you are offended!
So what was the first thing you did? Carried Russian guns, entered a magazine office, shot people by calling out their names, ‘execution style’. What did you gain from that? Publicity? Or notoriety?

What is this message you’re trying to spread, I do not understand. What I do understand is that around the world, people don’t fear you anymore, they fear your religion. You haven’t created hatred against you, you have managed to create hatred against everyone who even swears by the religion you all believe in. Why? Because you all don’t know the first thing about Islam.

Islam is about freedom of expression, Islam is about tolerance, Islam is about brotherhood. Islam never talks about killing, Islam talks about acceptance. But by taking the name of Allah, you just involved him in a brutal act of murder. Wonder how religious is that.

You aren’t the only ones who are targeted by ‘satire’. But sadly, no one is as innovatively aggressive as you people. You people have gathered resources to kill your own religion, bit by bit, and it’s amazing how successful you all have become!

Charlie Hebdo killings are just the beginning. The world won’t shut it’s mouth. No one can be forced to. It’s a free world, and you don’t belong in it. You can control your own mouth as much as you can, but the world won’t support you in this one. Because you’re too clouded by your love for aggression, and your love for gaining publicity.

I wish you all, all the success in your endeavour. Keep doing what you’re good at and see where that takes you. I won’t talk about changing you all, that’s what you all are up to – changing the world according to your “belief” system. If possible, then please do not kill anyone else, the world already has too many problems on it’s hands, and doesn’t need you all to add on to it.


A democratic citizen of the world.

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