What is life? For you, and me?

Everyday I pass by a homeless man on the street. He is alone, but not unhappy. I see a smile on his face as he tries helplessly to sell a magazine but people are too busy to ever notice him.

I rush past him, noticing his smile, but unable to smile back, as I have too many worries of my own. Someday, if time stands still, I am definitely sure people stuck in time will see him, and that smile on his face. I fail to understand why he is so happy. Is he really happy or does he just have a smile on his face to look hospitable?

I have spent 22 years of my life trying to figure out what makes someone happy. When I was a child, chocolates made me happy. As I grew up, I grew up from my childish fantasies to a burly teenager constantly looking for happiness through the configurement of her appearance.

It’s a very uneven world, where things change constantly. Your world can change in a second. If the building outside your home is bombed, life will definitely never be the same again. But do we understand the meaning of life? I mean, do we even know why we are unhappy? Isn’t it just a state of mind?


I am not trying to ask or answer existential questions here. I am not a philosopher, just a wanderer trying to figure out her life.

I once met a woman, a woman’s rights activist, whose life was always turbulent because she believed women’s causes were endless and the solutions nil. I once bumped into a student who believed that more marks would elevate him to greater heights of success, because he hadn’t yet experienced practical life to know what marks really meant in reality.

We all live in our own little bubble, constantly living within our thoughts. It’s not wrong – nothing is wrong in this world. I am not passing a judgement. But yes, what we fail to understand that problems are of our own making – we are the ones who look at the glass half empty. It’s the nature of human kind – to always search for what he/she doesn’t have. Simple example. If I had missed writing a she, beside the he, in the earlier line, I would have created problematic situation – a classic situation of excluding the woman in the male dominated English vocabulary and grammar.

But  yes, problems are not something that we will ever get rid of. In this world where everything is measured, where calculations decide fate and the future, problems are definitely going to be an endless part of our life. It’s a natural assumption that no one is happy – no one has a perfect life. The person who does, is maybe Jesus, or Allah, or Krishna, or Zeus.

These heavenly abode beings are manifestations of people whom most of the religious people aspire to be. We are all constantly on the look out for that one little world of our own where everything is how we want it, where everything is how we picture it.

But life is much, much more than that. It’s not about you, or me or the society. No one knows why we came to become this being that walks the earth, exuding supremacy over all beings. But what we do know is that we can live our life – and live it so well that we don’t find any problems in it. I know it is difficult, each person has been brought up with an upbringing rooted in the culture or problematism.

But we are rivers who flow. We shouldn’t let glaciers come in our way. Because they too will melt one day and leave the way free for us. That’s how we should be. Maybe that’s how life should be, for you and me.

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